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An expertly designed and engineered hydrolyzed system to dramatically reduce harmful emissions.

Designed in the UK over eight years ago, Atmos-Clear Ltd has, in the last two years, invested in the development and enhancement of the technology to create a range of products, that when fitted to ANY fossil-fueled engine significantly reduce the production of all emissions. Our products can be fitted to virtually any vehicle or machinery fueled by Gasoline, Diesel, or CNG.

On Demand Fuel System

 Key Benefits

As a result of creating a more efficient combustion cycle, fuel is burnt more completely, thereby creating an increase in engine efficiency and greater MPG.

  • Dramatically Reduced Emissions

  • Maintains Cleanliness of DPFs

  • Quick & Easy Installation

  • Low Running Costs

  • No Moving Parts

  • 95% Recyclable

  • Easily Transferred Between Vehicles

  • Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

  • Improved Fuel Mileage up to 10%

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EXO:1 1L to 3L Engines
EX0:2 - 3.0 to 7.0L Engines
EX0:3 - 7.0L to 16L Engines
EXO - Marine Engines

Delivering Cleaner Air

All Atmos-Clear products undergo rigorous testing in all types of engines prior to their launch. Since our products have been on the market and available to industries and individuals, we have also continued to monitor and analyze emission testing results using independent and in-house experts.