Tired of carbon deposits creating DPF/REGEN issues in your fleet?


1. Our mobile technicians will come to your site and perform a simple 45 minute engine carbon cleaning process. Our procedure feeds a controlled amount of Hydrogen gas though the Air Intake to clean the carbon from the combustion chamber, turbo charger if fitted. Hydrogen Gas combines with the carbon and converts it back to a vapor that is easily burned in the combustion chamber and through the DPF.

2. We can custom design a PM program designed to vastly reduce carbon deposits that clog the DPF in the first place. We can often times either eliminate all together or reduce the frequency of the DPF removal for cleaning or replacement.


  • Smoother running engine
  • Restored power
  • Reduce carbon deposits that cause "regens"
  • Restored fuel efficiency
  • Increased productivity of shop technicians by not having to remove DPF to repair/replace.
  • Less vehicle downtime



About Us

The CarbonTek USA service is suitable for any gas, diesel engine, mobile or static, and is used to help remove carbon build-up on an extensive range of engines.

We service all types of engines from passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, commercial trucks and vans, motorcycles, buses, all marine vessels, as well as farm and construction equipment and power generators.

CarbonTek USA

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