Testimonial from Horsepower Inc. in Indianapolis, IN

From time to time Carbon Tek are delighted to receive written endorsement from our valued customers, a few examples of such endorsements are given here.


January 2, 2021

57 Gasoline Alley, Suite A
Indianapolis, IN 46222

Jerry of CarbonTek Central Indiana showed up to our business location to
service my Ford F-250 as well as my wife’s 2017 Ford Explorer to perform his
carbon “detox” on our vehicles.

With our busy life running a business ourselves, the customer service Jerry
provided by coming to us was exceptional. It only took about an hour to do
both vehicles and we immediately saw better fuel mileage. I believe the
CarbonTek process is an easy maintenance step at an affordable price to help
elongate the life of your vehicle.

We highly recommend the CarbonTek USA process and will continue to use their
services for both our business and personal vehicles. We are excited to use the
CarbonTek process on the motorcycles in our v-twin motorcycle industry. Thank
you Jerry for your excellent customer service!

Thank you,

Jimmy Light
Horsepower Inc.