From time to time Carbon Tek are delighted to receive written endorsement from our valued customers, a few examples of such endorsements are given here.


134 Yardley Avenue ● Post Office Box 338

Fallsington, Pennsylvania 19058-0338

Transportation Office Telephone: (215) 428-4166

Fax: (215) 295-8047

Derek Cesari

Bus Garage Supervisor


The owner of CarbonTek Tri-State, Kirk Hoffman, stopped by my office one day to introduce himself, and to explain the benefits of his company’s hydrogen carbon cleaning service of engines. He left some info and a business card with me. We were having a major carbon related issue with one of our buses. We had sent it out to the manufacturer. They suggested taking apart the engine, decarbonizing it, and then rebuilding it. The estimate was for over $17,000, so I had CarbonTek Tri-State come out to service that bus before making a decision on rebuilding the engine. After a one hour service our bus was running smoothly again and we saved over $17,000.


Since then I had Kirk hydrogen carbon clean several more buses and they are all running smoother with no check engine light issues.


Derek Cesari