Testimonial from R&D TRANSPORT Inc.

From time to time Carbon Tek are delighted to receive written endorsement from our valued customers, a few examples of such endorsements are given here.

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To whom it may concern,


Jerry with CarbonTek USA Central Indiana came into our shop one day telling me how he could save my fleet money and offering to do a free demo.


Jerry said his service would help reduce our Carbon related maintenance problems specifically pertaining to;

1) Constant Regen issues

2) DPF filter replacements

3) EGR Valve and Sensor replacements

4) Soot Level reductions

5) Aftertreatment Outside Vendor costs

6) Towing costs

7) Lost Revenue due to all the above.


We sent our DPF filters out for Chemical cleaning and that vendor was a friend, so I was extremely skeptical of the CarbonTek service working. I plugged my laptop into the ECU and pulled a trip report and the DPF system parameters before Jerry did his CarbonTek service and then again after he was finished. After reviewing how much we had spent on DPF, After-Treatment, and EGR problems, and down time cost up to that point in the year. Then after reviewing the results of the service, along with researching the company on the Internet, it was an easy decision to call him back for another service.


Before Jerry started the second service we discussed the CarbonTek USA Central Indiana PM Service agreement and I signed up for 2 years of preventative maintenance for all 30 of our trucks twice a year.


The CarbonTek USA 1-Hose, 1-Hour service is simple, effective, and everything Jerry said it was. I’m glad he talked me into the demo. Jerry made a believer out of this Alabama boy. I’d recommend the CarbonTek service to everyone, no matter what type fleet you operate.


R&D Transport

Ken Joy Fleet Maint. Supervisor


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