What Is A Carbon Deposit?

Carbon deposits are the residue of unburned carbon particles due to the combustion of fuel in the engine. Over time carbon particles form a layer covering the components of the engine in the combustion chamber, turbo charger and exhaust system. Carbon damages the engine by reducing the compression and power causing increased fuel consumption, increased exhaust emissions, increased engine vibration, and excessive engine wear.

How does HYDROGEN clean carbon deposits in the engine?

hydrogen carbon cleaning

When hydrogen (H2) enters the combustion chamber via the air intake, the combustion in the engine causes the hydrogen molecules (H2) to "tear up" the hydrogen protons (2H+). Active H+ reacts with the carbon deposits. The carbon is chemically transformed into hydrocarbon (HC) in the gaseous state and is then emitted out of the engine through the exhaust system. After treatment it is necessary to change the oil and filter.

The machine acts to restore the optimum performance of your engine. Using hydrogen technology, carbon deposits are removed from the inner workings of the engine, which naturally build up during the lifetime of the vehicle.

By removing unwanted carbon build up, further engine deterioration and damage can be avoided. This will keep your engine working more effectively and smoothly for longer, creating an enhanced driving experience.

The technology works with all types of vehicles – from motorcycles to airplanes. Simply put… if it has a combustion engine then the service can be performed. Gas and diesel engines will show improvements irrespective of vehicle age.


engine carbon cleaning

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