Testimonial from Waste Connection October 2018

From time to time Carbon Tek are delighted to receive written endorsement from our valued customers, a few examples of such endorsements are given here.

Waste Connection

From: Jose Guzman
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2018 11:34 AM

To whom it May concern

I would like to take this opportunity to share how pleased Waste Connections are with Richard and CarbonTek South Florida’s Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning services.

We are in our second year in using CarbonTek at our two Miami locations. We have noticed a marked overall improvement in our fleet since we began using CarbonTek services.

Our fleet has far less REGEN issues and carbon related problems. We have seen a noticeable reduction in “road calls” and an overall improvement in truck performance.

All this has resulted in saving several thousands of dollars each month on road calls and mechanics time. We schedule Richard’s service once a month on trucks needing their once a year Carbon Tek PM service. Richard performs the service around our schedule, usually in the evenings or weekends. Some of our drivers report that their trucks have an increased in power, and responsiveness.

Richard has been a great partner with Waste Connections. I would recommend CarbonTek hydrogen carbon cleaning service to anyone looking to save money on monthly operational costs and downtime.

Jose Guzman
Maintenance Manager
C: 360-338-1117
E: Jose.guzman@wasteconnections.com
13300 NW 38TH CT
Opa-Locka Fl. 33054