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Hydrogen Engine Cleaning
The CarbonTek Oxy-hydrogen gas reacts with the carbon deposit. This reaction causes carbon to transform into the gaseous state of hydrocarbon (HC), which is then emitted out through the exhaust system. The CarbonTek service is simple and safe and requires no dismantling of the engine. No harmful chemical products are used, we are 100% Green . We recommended using the CarbonTek service as part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule.
Bring more profits to your service department
with the CarbontekUSA Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning program
We have different machine placement options to help you build the right program, customized to your business needs. From OEM Dealerships to Independent shops, marine applications to Quick Lubes, there is a profitable program for everyone.
Too Many Costly Breakdowns?
Reduce your fleet's downtime
CarbonTek hydrogen service as a part of your vehicle maintenance reduces vehicles & fleet downtime
Any Brand, Any Type of Engine
CarbonTek benefits all internal combustion engines, gasoline & diesel
Hydrogen gas does a far better job of removing baked on carbon than a chemical as it can get to more of the carbon buildup in areas that chemicals simply cannot reach. We will work with you to analyze your current PM program to develop a customized solution specific to your needs.

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Benefits for all internal-combustion vehicles including restored performance, fuel economy & smoother running engines. CarbonTek is perfect for gasoline & diesel engines, heavy trucking, marine, agriculture, fleet & more!

What is the

CarbonTek Engine Detox?

The CarbonTek system uses electrolysis to create Oxy-hydrogen gas which is fed into the engine via the air intake while the engine is at idle

Using our state-of-the-art Hydrogen Generator, hydrogen gas is introduced into the air intake, the hydrogen reacts with the carbon in your engine to turn it back into a fuel vapor. This vapor is then burned cleanly out the exhaust with no harmful chemicals. This service reduces emissions, restores lost power and fuel mileage.

Carbontek's output hose attaches simply to the air intake


Hydrogen Enriched Gas Enters the Engine’s Cylinders


Carbon deposits are converted to hydrocarbons & exits exhaust cleanly & safely

CarbonTek Service in Action
CarbonTek USA - Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning Service

The CarbonTek service is suitable for any gas or diesel engine. CarbonTek services help remove harmful carbon build-up from within the engine. We service all types of engines from passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, commercial trucks, vans, buses, marine vessels, construction, agricultural equipment and power generators.


We recommend performing the CarbontekUSA Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning service as part of an overall preventative maintenance program. By doing this, we can help regain lost power, fuel economy and overall driveability to your vehicles.

It will also help maintain peak performance for many years to come.


The Carbontek Service can help regain lost fuel economy. The better your engine can breathe with less restrictive carbon buildup, the better the chances are of reaching peak MPG. Regular servicing with CarbontekUSA will help ensure far less mileage robbing carbon buildup in any type of engine. 

By performing the Carbontek service on regular intervals can help you reduce emissions and the overall carbon footprint created from fossil fuel engines. You can do your part with our simple, cost effective service.
CarbonTek engine cleaning only takes about an hour. You’ll notice the benefits the moment you drive away!

From rough idle, turbo lag to general performance issues, our simple service can have your engine running smoother ,with a far better overall driving experience for you or your drivers. 

Are vehicle downtime and increasing fleet’s maintenance costs stressing you out?

Put CarbonTek To Work For Your Vehicles & See The Results

CarbonTek USA partners with dealerships, fleet managers, heavy-truck operators and owners of all gasoline and diesel engine types. Find a provider near you or contact us now to put hydrogen carbon detox technology to work for you.

The Science Behind CarbonTek Engine Detox

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. It supplies everything needed for motion and power. Like anything else it needs to be kept clean and operating at top efficiency.

Introducing Carbon

Carbon is the by product of incomplete combustion. Anything from stop-and-go driving, high idle times and poor fuel quality may be the reason for carbon buildup. 

What Are Carbon Deposits?

Carbon deposits are extremely harmful to your engine. Carbon reduces the power and reduces the engine efficiency. This ultimately reduces your fuel economy, increases exhaust emissions, engine vibration, and the risk of premature engine wear.

Over time, these deposits accumulate and form a layer covering the components in the combustion chamber, turbocharger, and exhaust system.

Carbon Deposits in Gasoline Engines

Optimal fuel mileage and engine performance will decrease while the emissions increases significantly.

Carbon Deposits in Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are more likely to experience high carbon buildup.

Reasons may include the use of low-quality fuel, excessive idling, dirty air filters. If you fail to treat carbon buildup in your diesel engines, it will result in power loss, increased emissions, reduced fuel economy and expensive repairs to the exhaust after treatment.

The Solution… CarbonTek Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning

Schedule your mobile service today. Your engine will thank you.

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