If you know how the process works and know the expectation and your vehicle, you really can't beat his price and service!


Juno Beach, Florida


CarbonTek was very professional and worked around my schedule. The job was done nice and quick and was a great conversation at the same time. I drove my car after and immediately felt a difference. There was more throttle response and the motor seemed to pull effortlessly. Generally felt like my car had a big smile on its face. Great value for money and I will now become a recurring customer. Highly recommended!


West Palm Beach, Florida


I must say, I was very interested in this service when I came across it and I was not disappointed! 30 minute process and once it was done, I took it for a spin to see how my car felt. The way it felt was as if the "congestion" in my car was cleared. More responsive and I noticed a little extra mileage as well. I'm going on 164k in miles. I'm a bit of a maintenance junkie, so something like this was a must for me and I couldn't be happier. Richard is an awesome, knowledgeable person on his product/services. Highly recommend!


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


I had this done a few days ago after a months of debating whether or not I should. I found out a friend had it done and he swears by it. He got better fuel mileage and a smoother running engine so I gave it a try. Richard is a very good salesman and explains everything he does. You can tell by his enthusiasm he believes in his product. Well I have to say my 2003 Chevy Silverado hasn't run this good in a long time. If it wasn't for my loud exhaust you can't even tell the engine is running, it is that smooth. So far it has been an A+ deal.


West Palm Beach, Florida


Had my 2005 duramax cleaned by Richard and gottta say: wow! Truck has never ran so good. The process cleaned the turbo and the motor is way more responsive and quieter. Had a turbo sensor code before the process and after it cleared. Now gonna have my BMW cleaned too. I recommend this to everyone. Also Richard is awesome! Honest, reliable and knowledgeable. 5 star customer service. What a great company!!!!


North Palm Beach, Florida


Well, it's taken me awhile to get to this review but glad I waited because I've had a awhile to run my 2013 Kia Sportage for awhile now with great results. I'm very familiar with the carbon buildup in modern turbo direct injection engines and recently my car started to feel a bit more sluggish or turbo lag-ey. Richard is a solid chap and arrived on time to my office to perform the service. Only took about 30mins and I can definitely tell the difference. The car feels like it's gotten it's spunk back that it first had when I drove it off the lot. I did the service at about 40K miles and will no probably do again at 80K as I keep my cars for long term. Would highly recommend!


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Richard is great in how he explains the benefits of cleaning your engine this way. It was very convenient how he came while I was at work, which I truly appreciated. My car is running smoother and does not idle as hard after this treatment. I can see my miles are stretching a little farther as well.After my 2 nd fill up I will have a valid number to see how my city miles have improved. Highly recommended! !!


North Palm Beach, Florida


Me and my father both had our trucks done I have a 2013 dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi and my father has a 2002 Chevy avalanche we both are extremely satisfied with the outcome. Throttle response is better gas mileage went up about 3 mpg avg. The avalanche had a rough idle he could feel in the truck but not anymore. We will be getting the rest of our cars done soon. Thank you Richard for explaining the process and great service


Wellington, Florida


I had my 2011 Dodge Ram R/T serviced today and I had noticed instant results on the highway... Throttle response is much more responsive and MPG's increased... I am a FIRM believer in maintenance and this service was well worth it... 5 stars all the way... !!!


Port St Lucie , Florida


Richard thanks for coming by explaining step by step .I am very impressed from the results came out perfect restoring my 03 Chevy Tahoe 5.3 engine 208k running like a champ i will recommend Richard to anyone to try the product out and see your results.thanks again Richard!


West Palm Beach, Florida


Extremely professional and on time. I was skeptical at first but after seeing how my 2007 F250 runs after I'm sold. I went from 14.5 mpg to 18 mpg in the city. I couldn't be happier and will be having my wife's car done next.


Port St Lucie, Florida


Richard was a professional came on time and gave me a little education on the product. Just had it done and i would recommend it to people with used cars.. Just had it done so i don't know gas mileage gain. Quieter and more responsive.


Lake Worth, Florida


Gracias Richard me gusto mucho el trabajo siento mucho mejor mi camioneta corre mejor se los recomiendo mucho y ellos van asta donde viven. thank you so much


Boca Raton, Florida


Richard, I would like for you to post this on your website: I am the original owner of a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer with just over 139,000 miles. I’ve taken pride in keeping it in very good condition, so I was a little skeptical about doing something to it that might potentially harm it. After getting to know Richard (he’s a very likable fellow!) and reading the reviews, along with the technical specs. about the carbon cleaning process, I decided to have Richard perform the engine cleaning service…. What a difference!!! I noticed immediate throttle response improvement, along with much smoother acceleration at every speed. As an added bonus, I am getting a 2 MPG improvement in my gas mileage. I am recommending Richard and his amazing carbon cleaning service to everyone I know. Keep up the good work, Mate!


North Palm Beach, Florida


On behalf of the town of Lake Park, I would like to thank you for introducing your Carbon Cleaning services to our maintenance facility. Following the initial cleans you performed on INTERNATIONAL and MACK garbage trucks; it became obvious that we had a problem, caused by carbon build up.

Since you performed a carbon clean, all the drivers have reported much more power and far less” Regen” issues with the trucks, and I have seen a lot less “down time” and repairs which is a big cost saving for the town.

We will continue to use your services as part of our PM program, and I wish you every success with your remarkable service.

Paul Mathis

Vehicle Maintenance Foreman

Town of Lake Park, Florida

As a testimonial to your Engine Carbon Cleaning services, I can honestly sat that we are delighted with the results. Our Fleet of tow trucks now runs significantly better; the trucks have more power, which is important when we carry heavy loads. There has been a noticeable increase in fuel mileage, and the trucks don’t  “regen” as often as they used too.

I am happy that we took a chance on your services, and you have certainly proved the sceptics wrong.

We will continue to use your services as part of our Preventative Maintenance program for the foreseeable future.

All Time Towing

On behalf of Cummings Brothers Truck Repair, I would like to say how very pleased we are with the profit share program that we partnered with Carbon Tek USA. We have been using the CarbonTek hydrogen carbon cleaning machine at our service center in Pompano Beach for the past 8 months. We have found the Hydrogen cleaning service to be an effective method on reducing carbon build-up inside engines, as part of a preventative maintenance program.


We found the Carbon Tek hydrogen service complements the other services we offer, as the process is simple, very effective, and priced correctly. It enables us to add a money-saving service for customers as well as a new revenue stream for the shop. Our customers have given us good feedback and have mentioned that their trucks run much better and that “regen issues” are greatly reduced following the service.


Cummins Brothers Truck Repair is looking forward to a continued profitable partnership with Carbon Tek USA.

Shawn Seamans
Cummings Brothers Truck Repair


In early-2018 Carbon Tek’s hydrogen carbon cleaning services were recommended to our service department as we were suffering with the exhaust after treatment problems on our CAT 980 loader.


Following a Carbon Tek 1 hour service, our 980K loader returned to normal operations and continued to perform its typical REGEN cycle. The result of using Carbon Tek service just on that one machine saved our company over $ 6,000.00.


Carbon Tek is now part of our preventative maintenance program on all of our tier 4 engines in fleet to avoid cost repairs and replacement parts associated with these types of engines. All of these engines, including our Fleet of Mack trucks and Caterpillar equipment, are serviced annually by Carbon Tek during our holiday shutdown around Christmas.


D.S. Eakins highly recommends Carbon Tek’s hydrogen carbon cleaning service. They are on time, and work around our schedule to maximize our uptime. The service is great value for money and has saved our company thousands of dollars over the past 18 months.

D. Steven Eakins, Jr.

Vice President

D.S. Eakins Construction Corporation

Just wanted to let you know driveability improved, tough to say if performance improved, but feels faster, and fuel economy improved by 10%, which is significant!

Gord Lammers

Lease Portfolio Manager, August Mazda

August Mazda

We operate a fleet of large Caterpillar and Volvo loaders, large excavators and small skid steer equipment. Our machines operate 6 days a week with a minimum of 12 hours per days; so, we cannot afford to have unnecessary and expensive stoppages due to regen issues. By introducing CarbonTek services every 6 months, we have drastically reduced Regen / after treatment issues, saved money on repairs and greatly reduced downtime of the equipment.

Anthony Badala

LGL Recycling

AllStar Aggregates

During the period from October 2015 to February, 2016 Engine CarbonTek cleaned approximately 60 of our MACK and Peterbilt refuse trucks. During this time our technical staff closely monitored the effects and the results to our trucks. The feedback from our supervisors, mechanics, and drivers was 100% positive. We experienced a huge reduction in REGEN problems, and downtime relating to DPF’s. We saw a marked reduction in emissions which led to a cleaner looking fleet, and drivers reported the trucks to have much more power. All these related to substantial savings to our company’s bottom line.

Charles Lomangina

Southern Waste Systems

Southern Waste Systems

Our team service vehicles consist of some W900 Kenworth Tractor units, F 350 pickups and a few Chevrolets. After your carbon cleaning service, our drivers reported the trucks had more power, far less black smoke coming from the exhaust and a notable increase in fuel mileage.

As we are constantly in the public eye, it is extremely important to our team to present itself as a well maintained and efficient operation. With this in mind we intend to have our fleet carbon cleaned on a yearly basis.

Gary J. Stray

Miss GEICO Racing

GEICO Racing

We were having a major carbon related issue with one of our buses. We had sent it out to the manufacturer. They suggested taking apart the engine, decarbonizing it, and then rebuilding it. The estimate was for over $17,000, so I had CarbonTek Tri-State come out to service that bus before making a decision on rebuilding the engine. After a one hour service our bus was running smoothly again and we saved over $17,000.

Derek Cesari

Bus Garage Supervisor, Pennsbury School District

Pennsbury School District

I would like to take this opportunity to share how pleased Waste Connections are with Richard and CarbonTek South Florida’s Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning services.

We are in our second year in using CarbonTek at our two Miami locations. We have noticed a marked overall improvement in our fleet since we began using CarbonTek services.

Our fleet has far less REGEN issues and carbon related problems. We have seen a noticeable reduction in “road calls” and an overall improvement in truck performance.

All this has resulted in saving several thousands of dollars each month on road calls and mechanics time.

Jose Guzman

Maintenance Manager

Waste Connections

I run a fleet of 183 concrete mixer trucks with ages ranging from 2006-2016 and 10ea. 2014 front-end loaders in Palm Beach, Broward, & Miami/Dade. We run most of the equipment 6 days a week and incur a tremendous amount of idle time due to our business. Our loaders and newer trucks all have the mandatory emission systems that require periodic “regenerations” and filter changes once they become too dirty to clean. We started off testing the cleaning on an older truck, newer truck, and a loader. The process cleans injectors, valves, turbos, and it removes soot and carbon from the pistons. We have seen the following results due to the engine carbon cleaning performed by Carbon TEK.

  • Improved power
  • Improved fuel mileage
  • Reduced frequency of “regenerations”
  • Extended life on the DPF filters
Matthew Davitt

Maintenance Manager Tri-County Area

Titan America

We signed up with CarbonTek in mid-2020. CarbonTek is a homerun! When I was first introduced to the product, I was very skeptical. There are so many products that make big claims about what they can do to increase power, fuel economy, or prevent costly repairs. With most of these there is no tangible proof, so you must accept it on faith.

What truly sold me on CarbonTek is the testimonial of my own technicians. It is hard to convince a technician that a service like this truly has any value. Yet when they performed the service on their own vehicles, they all reported that they could actually notice the difference!
It is not very often you run into a product that is a win in all categories.

Micah Baalbergen

Service Director Parkway Chevrolet

Scrubway Wash & Lube

Bringing CarbonTek onboard was an easy decision and an instant win for us at Gillman Honda Fort Bend. Our Advisors love it as they believe in the process, the customers love it because it helps keep their Honda running strong, and the technicians love it for its ease of use. Unlike other liquid-based carbon cleaning systems the CarbonTek service will not damage O2 sensor or catalytic converter.

Marshall Sullivan

Service Director

Gillman Honday

Jerry of CarbonTek Central Indiana showed up to our business location to service my Ford F-250 as well as my wife’s 2017 Ford Explorer to perform his carbon “detox” on our vehicles.
With our busy life running a business ourselves, the customer service Jerry provided by coming to us was exceptional. It only took about an hour to do both vehicles and we immediately saw better fuel mileage. I believe the CarbonTek process is an easy maintenance step at an affordable price to help elongate the life of your vehicle.

We highly recommend the CarbonTek process and will continue to use their services for both our business and personal vehicles.

Jimmy Light

Horsepower Inc

Horsepower Inc

Baker Nissan has offered CarbonTek Hydrogen Service for several years now and it has been a very trusted and preferred service for our customers. Our Service Advisors love the product and the results because our customers have enjoyed the benefits of better power and fuel mileage the service offers. The CarbonTek process doesn't damage sensor or catalytic convertors and our customers enjoy seeing the system work.

Chris Cumberland

Service Director

Baker Nissan