Service Departments

Service Departments

The Carbontek USA Hydrogen Fuel Service for Service Departments & Dealerships

Carbontek is a safer, greener & far superior carbon cleaning option than the current chemical cleanings on the market

We strive to build long-term business relationships with shops & dealers that believe in delivering the highest standard of services to their customers.

CarbonTek is committed to providing high-grade hydrogen carbon cleaning services for a wide range of gas and diesel engines.Reducing carbon emissions and helping engines run better and last longer is at the core of what we do.

Start Generating More Revenue with CarbonTek Hydrogen Detox in Your Service Department


Technician inserts applicator hose in the air intake, just past the air filter. No chemicals to mix or adapters to find and set up. 


Technician runs machine on an idling vehicle for 30 mins to 1 hour depending on application. This allows  them to work on other items or vehicles during the process. 

CarbonTek - Keeping engines running cleaner

Once the vehicle is complete, just return to the customer. No need for extensive test drives like with traditional “chemical” programs to blow out the chemical fallout created by chemical fuel services. Simple, Effective and Profitable.


CarbontekUSA will customize POS material designed to market your offerings to your customers. We can provide menus, rack cards, banners and much more to help promote and create awareness to our services. 

CarbonTek USA POS Material
Increase service revenue with our simple, effective carbon cleaning solution. Immediately increase CSI with a service your customers will feel as soon as they leave your store. We offer different plans to put a machine/machines in your store depending on volume and needs.

Our Carbon cleaning service is simple to learn for your advisors to sell and technicians to perform. In most cases, you are up and running in just one day. Our services are designed to be sold as preventative maintenance and can be included easily into your current PM offerings.


CarbontekUSA can help you drive more Fleet and retail traffic to your service department with our co-op advertising programs. We can help to customize marketing programs designed around acquiring new customers, retaining current customers and getting exposure to your offerings.


Increase service revenue with our simple, effective carbon cleaning solution immediately increases CSI with a service your customers will feel as soon as they leave your store. Service Advisors and Technicians will have increased confidence in selling a service they believe in.

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The Carbontek USA Dealership program will help increase service revenue and provide a service that your advisors and techs will sell with confidence. 

Let’s come together and work in pursuit of greater sales, uncompromising service, and continuous success.

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