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Carbon deposits In diesel engines will travel downstream to the DOC & DPF, causing after-treatment issues and expensive repairs and major downtime.

In diesel engines, the carbon deposits eventually travel downstream to the DPF, DOC and SCR filters causing all sorts of aftertreatment and overall performance issues. These issues lead to a loss of power and expensive repairs and downtime, which ultimately results in missed deadlines and loss of revenue.

What can be done to prevent aftertreatment issues ?

Carbon Tek’s carbon cleaning services will prevent, the buildup of excess carbon deposits BOTH gas and diesel engines. Using Carbon Tek at regular maintenance intervals, will reduce the downtime and DPF issues.

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CarbonTek USA - Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning Service

CarbonTek is NOT A DPF Cleaning Company!

If you do not schedule Preventative Maintenance, your equipment will not schedule the breakdown for you.

CarbonTek USA - Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning Service

The CarbonTek service is suitable for any gas or diesel engine. CarbonTek services help remove harmful carbon build-up from within the engine. We service all types of engines from passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, commercial trucks, vans, buses, marine vessels, construction, agricultural equipment and power generators.


Engine will loose power, become sluggish, and consume more fuel. By removing the carbon deposits, we can slow this process down.


Carbon deposits cause losses in power, and a significant lowering of fuel efficiency

Clogged DPF filters are a common cause of excessive downtime and costly repairs. So why would you put a clean filter into a dirty engine?
Beat carbon build-up by including CarbonTek Hydrogen carbon cleaning to your PM program. If you’re not proactive, DPF issues will soon result in the need to remove and clean or replace the DPF, costing several hundred to thousands of dollars.

To have your fleet in the best operating Condition, introduce CarbonTek as pART of your preventative maintenance program.




Why Choose CarbonTek USA?

With us, you can expect to reduce the overall cost of cleaning or replacing the DPF for your fleet

Making Carbon Tek a part of your fleet preventative maintenance program will save your company thousands of dollars.

With us, you can expect to reduce the overall cost of cleaning or replacing the DPF of your fleet by as much as 60% or more!

By making CarbonTek a part of your PM program, your fleet will operate more effectively. It has been proven to substantially reduce emissions and overall carbon footprint.

CarbonTek hydrogen service is a simple, safe, renewable environmental-friendly solution to assist in meeting global green standards.

CarbonTek Mobile Services

Our trained technicians will arrive at your site or your workshop and perform a simple 1-hour engine carbon cleaning process. Using state of the art technology, we remove carbon deposits from the combustion chamber by feeding a controlled amount of hydrogen gas through the air intake. Simple and safe NO dismantling of your engine is required. The best thing about our carbon cleaning service is that it is 100% green and environment-friendly. We don’t feed any kind of chemicals into your engine!

Carbon Tek Fleet Lease /Revenue share Programs

If mobile cleaning does not make sense for your situation, we also offer machine placement options as well. We have lease options for fleets and if you have a retail repair location as well, we can partner with you to create the ultimate revenue share program.

Our Simple Four-Step Process to a Cleaner Engine

CarbonTek connects to the engine's air intake

Our hydrogen-generating electrolysis generator is hooked up to your vehicle's air intake in minutes by our trained technicians while you wait.

Hydrogen enriched gas enters the engine's cylinders

The increase in the internal oxygen proportion results in clean combustion while the catalytic properties of hydrogen react with carbon for reducing the internal carbon deposits.

CarbonTek Oxyhydrogen gas reacts with carbon deposits

When Oxyhydrogen enters the combustion chamber, the combustion causes the molecules to “tear up” the hydrogen molecules which is then emitted out through the exhaust system.

All is then omitted thru the exhaust as a gas

Using no harsh chemicals, Carbon Tek carbon cleaning process detoxifies the engine. The result is regained engine power and efficiency, restored MPG, and reduced emissions.

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