Partnering with CarbonTek USA is Easy, Stress-free, and Lucrative!

CarbonTek USA is committed to providing high-grade hydrogen carbon cleaning services for a wide range of gas and diesel engines.Reducing carbon emissions and helping engines run better and last longer is at the core of what we do.
We strive to build long-term business relationships with companies that believe in delivering the highest standard of services to their customers.

Our distributors are our trusted partners in the endeavor of transforming the industry from chemical based products to a cleaner, safer alternative. Our services are aimed at revolutionizing the preventative maintenance programs due to carbon buildup in all kinds of gas and diesel engines.

The value in becoming our distributors extends beyond the premium quality of our services. Our staff members are highly trained experts who will work with you as professional, legitimate suppliers.
The CarbonTek USA program is designed so that we only succeed if you succeed. Our number one focus is on supporting the growth initiatives of our distributors.

Our aim is to create a stimulating environment that is favorable for all parties to thrive and shine. We believe that trust and ethics are the foundations on which the success of a distributor-supplier relationship depends.

Flexible Working Hours

With us, you can choose to work your own hours as per your schedule. It’s your business, you choose the schedule that works best for you. Your convenience is our topmost priority!

Build Fleet/ Retail Accounts

CarbonTek has the resources available to help you build your retail and fleet accounts quickly. We offer state of the art software to help you build your pipeline and have hot leads as soon as you start.

Exclusive Territory (Distributors Only)

We make sure no two companies work in the same region as our distributors. We consider all our distributors as our team members and work to promote each company’s interests. This means you get to enjoy exclusive control over the assigned area without facing any competition from other distributor companies!

High Earning Potential

CarbonTek USA can be a very profitable investment right from the start. With great margins and multiple revenue streams, you can achieve unlimited earnings in your respective territory. Our system is easy to scale and simple to manage. By partnering with us, you can start making profits from the get-go because our needed service has little to no competition in the market.

Push /Pull Capabilities

With CarbonTek USA you not only earn 100% of the money in your respective territory, you also have the opportunity to earn from pushing business out of your territory and earning when others push to your territory! You are not alone like a franchise owner might be, we are building a true team environment When you start distributing our services, the customers will keep coming in through your doors!

Online Management

CarbonTek USA has created a proprietary software program to help you run and manage your business easily and securely with our web-based dashboard. All things CarbonTek are at your fingertips 24/7. We want to help our distributors to grow easily without all the hassles of creating systems and processes on your own. This way you can focus on what is important. Servicing your customers!

Easy to Learn and Operate

Our engine cleaning solution is easy to learn and operate. This means you can scale your business faster by hiring and training new employees quicker. People of all skill levels can easily perform our service. We are waiting for you to get on board and open multiple doors of opportunities for your business.

Mobile Business

The best thing about CarbonTek USA is that it offers mobile services without requiring any office or building rent. You can easily run the Carbontek USA program from your home office if you so choose. No inventory to carry and no requirements for a retail space.

Financing Solutions Available

We are a team of like-minded individuals who truly understand the struggles of startups and aspiring companies. If you don’t think you can take this leap on your own, we’ll help you get started! We offer multiple finance options tailored to your personal needs. Contact us today to discuss the options available to get you up and running quickly.

Little to No Market Competition

While we are focused on delivering safer, greener, and better carbon cleaning solutions, most of our competitors still rely on chemical cleanings. Hence, our innovative approach ensures little to no competition for our distributors in the market!

Minimal Staff Needed

Whether you have a small startup team or staff members with packed schedules, we welcome you to become a part of our journey.

No Heavy Lifting

As we have no products to deliver and our machines are mounted for mobile services, there is no heavy lifting to be performed when carrying out our services.

Let’s come together and work in pursuit of greater sales, uncompromised services, and continuous success.

Contact us TODAY for complete details and a free consultation regarding this amazing business opportunity!

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